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All Day Breakfast

GP Slider - English Muffin, sausage, egg & cheddar...$6.25

Classic – Bagel, bacon, egg, cheddar & mayo...$8.50

Messy Jessie – Bagel, egg, cheddar, tomato, spinach & guacamole...$8.95

The Vincente – Bagel, ham, egg, cheddar, tomato, spinach & chipotle mayo ...$9.95

Breaky Burrito – Whole wheat wrap, egg, mozzarella, beans, corn, tomato, spinach & chipotle mayo...$10.95

The Scrambler – Whole-wheat wrap, VGB sausage, tofu scramble, vegan cheese, beans, corn, tomato, spinach, vegan mayo & home made tomato sauce...$11.95

The Rambler - Wholle wheat wrap, egg, bacon, avocado, goat feta, quinoa & rice, peppers, spinach, pickled beets & haskap mayo...$12.50

Avocado Toast – Avocado, goat feta, tomatoes, sprouts and balsamic reduction on ancient grains bread...$10.95


Yoghurt Parfait – Vanilla yoghurt, mixed berries, bananas, apples & house made granola...$10.50


*sub vegan cheese, vegan mayo, GF wrap or GF bread or GF bun for an additional price

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